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Children's Theatre Company

As an Associate Director of CTC's past two seasons, I've choreographed, co-directed, taught technique and lead values discussions with children in Long Island, NY ages 4-17! 

Here's a little more about the company...


"Founded in 1999 in NewYork City, and in 1989 in Los Angeles, the Children’s Theatre Company is a non-profit 501(C)(3) educational theater organization and publisher of over 15 original musicals designed to complement an ethical and social studies curriculum for young audiences. “Building Character Onstage”, the Company fosters the belief that, through the arts, young people can be agents of healing in the world. Committed to character and ethical development, CTC is rooted in the belief that through the incomparable magic of theater combined with a robust ethical education curriculum, children and youth can indeed become the voices of positive change."

- Children's Theater Company, Mission & Vision



Movement and Character Workshops

Connecting the body and voice to create a character and tell a story on stage! 

Through the use of voice work, body awareness, and other exciting techniques, we get the blood pumping and the brain working. Whether you're looking to connect to the words, free your voice and body, or build a unique physical character, I can help. I tailor make all lesson plans to the group or individual at hand.

Please go to the "contact" page to inquire about rates! 

Some techniques used are (but aren't limited to!)


Linklater voice 

Patsy Rodenburg voice/body

Suzuki movement 

Michael Chekhov technique 

Modern dance 

Body awareness and observation

Archetype and element work


... and lots of laughing!


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